Fact #1: 

Who is the main character? Laurie and Charles,

What does he or she look like? Laurie wears blue jeans and a cap. Charles does not wear a jacket.

Can you describe your character’s personality? Charles is a trouble maker

Fact #2: 

What does your character want more than anything Laurie wants to act older and more mature. I
Why does your character want it? He wants to fit in and act older.

Fact #3:
Is your character successful? Yes Laurie was successful.

Does what they want change? They wanted to change the attention they got.

Fact #4:

How does your character change as a result of what happens? Laurie starts acting.

What was your character like at the beginning? Laurie was a sweet toddler.

What is your character like at the end? Laurie turned out bad.

What has your character learnt? Laurie learnt not all attention is good.

What did you learn from reading the story? I learnt being bad does not get you good attention.

Fact #5: 
This makes the story believable… How did the author create the world of this story? This world is like our world but seems like a long time ago.

What kinds of people, places, things and ideas did the author include? The author used real people and places.

What successes, disaster’s and conflicts does this world have?

What are the good things in this world? What are the bad things? How does the setting help the author explore their theme? Complete the following sentence: “This is a world where…” It’s like ours.

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