Avalanches are a mix of things that travels very fast down a hill. It also has to be slippery so that rocks, snow whatever is in its way will travel down the hill. They occur mostly in Switzerland because they have more mountains and slopes. Avalanches are dangers because they hit you at very fast speeds.


There are four basic types of avalanches.

  • Loose snow avalanches occur after fresh snowfall begins tumbling down a steep mountain face.
  •  Slab avalanches occur when an underlying block of snow or ice dislodges and falls down the mountain.
  • Powder snow avalanches contain loose snow on top a mountain and a slab of ice or snow at the bottom.
  • Wet snow avalanches fall slowly down a hill, slowed by the friction created.



When an avalanche occurs it brings down all the debris with it and can case destruction in low lying areas. A powerful avalanche can even destroy buildings and power supplies can be cut off. A large number of casualties takes place after avalanches hit heavily populated areas.




People use explosives to cause an artificial avalanche.They do this prevent much larger avalanches for happening. People back burn similar to this avalanche prevention.



Avalanches are a deadly natural disaster. They can hurt people and destroy towns because they can reach very fast speeds. It is important to know about avalanches so that people can be prepared.






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    ,I was chosen to asses your piece of work on avalanches, and give some feedback. When reading this, I thought that it flowed really well and I understood every single but of it, although i didn’t understand the diagram all that much, maybe you could clarify that a bit more. I also thought your system analysis was very good, I really liked the flow chart, and i liked how you showed the steps, so that we knew what you were doing. Except I do believe that that you are supposed to repeat step 3-4 multiple times. But all in all, i believe this was a very good project

  2. Ayden,
    well done on this information report. You included a great deal of what was required. Your piece was well structured with paragraphs that were cohesive and unified. You included discussion of cause and effect, comparison and sequence. I agree with Anton that you created a good system analysis as well.
    I think it was a little short, and it would have been improved if your research had allowed you to find more ways to elaborate. Then, if it had more paragraphs you may have been able to make more use of subheadings for different sections. Also, you included some tier 3 language and so it would have been good to include a glossary.
    I must say I was very impressed with your introduction and conclusion-they engaged the audience and gave a real sense of beginning and ending the piece- well done!

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